Each and every person has his/her own emotions and feelings. Don’t bother about that “ I am getting angry at some occasions” because it is too normal. But I have to remind you one thing “Getting angry is usual” but “Hurting someone is not usual and not acceptable”. Usually people are of 2 categories whenever they are angry.
      Category #1: Keep silence and try to control their selves
      Category #2: Hurting someone who is nearby them               
If you are in Category #1, then you don’t need to worry about getting angry. But if you are in Category #2, then I request you to kindly change this character of hurting others. Just think before you speak. Here I want to tell you a story.
Once upon a time, there was a boy in a school. He was too naughty and he is of Category #2. One day he got scolded by his teacher because of his mischief behaviour. After returned to home, he exposed his anger to his mother. She felt so bad because of his behaviour. She wanted to change his character and asked him “Don’t you feel bad about having such a bad character?” He replied to his mom “Mom, I want to change my character but I can’t. Please help me to control my anger”. Mom said “Have these 50 nails and hammer these nails in our wall” .
He did as his mother said and he went to his mom and said “Mom, I finished it”. But Mom said “No, your task is not just hammering nails, remove those nails from wall”. But it is not so easy to remove the nails as compared to hammer the nails. However, he did that too.
 Now, his mom came and looked over the wall. The wall was full of holes. She asked him “Why the wall is full of holes?” He silently replied “I hammered nails and removed them so it is full of holes” His mother again asked him “After you hammered the nails you removed it from the wall. Even after you have removed it, still there are holes that are made by nails. So, always keep in mind once you hurt someone by your words, then you cannot change it forever”.


I hope you understand the story well. Now, if you wish to control your anger, then I will help you. Just follow the steps given below whenever you are feeling angry.
Step #1: Keep Silence and Leave that Place. It will prevent you from hurting others.
Step #2: Keep Silence for few minutes till you get rid of anger because taking decisions or thinking in anger leads to serious problems or breaking relationships.
Step #3: Listen to some soothing music or watch comedies.
Step #3: Take a hot shower if you are in home. 

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