Tips to control your anger that actually works

Stop worrying about losing your temper because you are not the only one We’ve all been there

Every one of us has their own emotions and feelings. Anger is a normal and common emotion. But if it is impacting your life in a negative way, then you need to take control of your temper before it is taking control over your life.

Here are some of my tips to help you with your anger that actually works for me

Keep Silence

Silence is the best weapon you can use against your anger. We couldn’t speak mindfully when we are angry. So, better keep silence just to avoid hurting others

Take your time

When you feel your temper is rising slowly, isolate yourself from the situation completely because you don’t want to hurt others with your words. Think about something else which makes you happy

Write it down

Take a pen and a paper. Just start writing the thoughts which are crossing in your mind. Writing will actually help you to control your anger and being mindful with the usage of words.

Smile Please

Smile at yourself by looking at a mirror. (You can even use your mobile camera) Smiling looks good on you and that angry face doesn’t suit you.

Do some physical work

Take a walk or do some exercise. Do some jumping jacks or skipping. Just do something to help your body release endorphins for you. Since endorphins are the happy hormones, it will help you to alleviate anger

Watch something funny

Watch some funny videos but only the favourite videos which you have already watched. Don’t go for the new ones because some funny videos are actually making some people lose their temper

Listen to your favourites

Listen to your favourite music, songs, speech or something which helps you to relax

Practise meditation

Meditation is a way to go if you want to take control of your life. If you can’t focus or meditate, then just start counting numbers in the reverse order.


Having a good amount of sleep actually helps to reduce your anger. This is my most favourite tip. Speed up your fan. Hide inside your blankets. Take a deep nap. You will feel refreshed

Have a nice food

Cook or order your favourite food recipe and start indulging it. Haven’t you tried dark chocolates? Give it a try.

If any of the above tips helps you to control your anger, then let me know in the comments section. I just want to know what worked for you.

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  • shabarishMay 19, 2020 / 2:44 pm

    Nice article but this are basic things we should follow in our daily routine life. share some unique which we can newly


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