How to clean up disk in windows 7

Disk Clean up 

  • Removes temporary Internet files. 
  • Empties the Recycle Bin
  • Removes downloaded program files
  • Removes Windows temporary files

OK, Let us see the step by step instructions to clean up the disk (with pictures).

STEP #1: Click on Windows Icon and then Select My Computer.

STEP #2: Right click on Local Disk (C:) and then select Properties.

STEP #3: A dialog box will be shown like this.

STEP #4:  Click on Disk Cleanup.

STEP #5:  A dialog box will be shown like this.

STEP #6: Click on Clean up System files.

STEP #7:  Disk is cleaning up and it takes few minutes.

STEP #8: Click on OK.

STEP #9: Click on Delete files.

STEP #10: Disk clean up takes some time to clean the unnecessary files.

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