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Everyone wants to earn money online. When I type “how to earn money online without investment” I got 97,60,000 results. Do you think is it possible to find the genuine one to start earn money online. No, it is impossible, because so many sites are there to cheat us. Online is the place where we can cheat others easily and get cheated by others easily. So I want to provide the list of scam sites to our readers. 

Please refer this before you start earning money online. I know this is a very long list. So Press Ctrl+f and type the site name which you desired to earn money and press enter. If that site name is available in this post, It is better to avoid that site. I want to share another important thing is that the sites which are not listed here need not be a trusted site. 

Don’t believe

  • the sites which are asking you to invest money. 
  • the sites which has sub-domain – because if the owner cannot spend money in buying domain, then how can he pay you? So, don’t believe that sites.
  • the sites that assures you that you can earn $$$ in a single day or week. Surely, it will be a fake site. Don’t believe that sites.
  • the sites without contact us and about us page.

List of scam sites:


A.W. Surveys


egyptianclicks.INFO, not the .com!!


green horse














The above list is found from the site

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