How to use multiple Gmail account in a single browser

Today I have learned a piece of new information that is “How to use multiple Gmail accounts in a single browser”. Someone of you may already know this. But I hope you don’t know this. That’s why you are interested in reading this post. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely share the method for using multiple Gmail accounts in a single browser. But before sharing this, I would like to suggest you to use this method for your accounts. Don’t allow the other people to use their accounts when your account is signed in. It is not safe for your account. Most of the people know this. But I just want to make my readers be aware of this. Ok, Let’s move to the session.

Consider you want to access your two  Gmail accounts one is and the second one is
  • First login to your any one of your Gmail account. (Say
  • After login with your first Gmail account just take a look at the top right side.
  • Then Left click on your Profile picture once. 
  • And Select Add account. You will be redirected to the Gmail login page again.
  • Now login with account.
  • Are you happy now? Because you have done it. Now, you can access the multiple Gmail accounts in a single browser.
  • But I want to say one thing that you cannot log out the second email until you log out from first mail account. For example, regarding this post, you cannot log out from till is logged out.
  • If anyone of the readers knows the alternate method to access multiple Gmail account in a single browser, you can share this via comments. 
I always like to learn. So if you know the alternate method, Help me to learn.
Please share your valuable feedback.

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