Difference between See, Look and Watch

This is the very basic grammar tutorial for beginners to learn the difference between see, look and watch.

Most of the people wrongly use these words as they are verbs related to vision. we can’t use it interchangeably. Though they are vision related verbs, they have to be used appropriately depending on the situation.



Passive or Effortless action which means No effort needed

Something that comes into our vision.

Noticeable unintentionally


I saw you yesterday

Have you seen my bag?

I saw a thief in your house

Did you see my spectacles?

I saw this book last night

Look At:

Look is used when you want to give a particular direction to your eyes. When you ‘look’ at something, it means you concentrate and focus on it. You see something specific at one time.


Look at me

Come and look at the photo

Look at the sky

Look at the clock and tell me the time

My mom is looking at me


Watch is used when there is a movement involved. You concentrate on something for some amount of duration, like a movie/sport.


I am watching a movie

I like to go to the zoo and watch the animals while they are playing.

Your mom will be watching you

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