Synchronizing files in Windows BRIEFCASE

Briefcase is one of the most important features of Windows OS. If you work on files outside your main computer (using a portable computer, for example), you can use Briefcase to synchronize the files with their counterparts on your main computer when you finish working on them.

When you reconnect your portable computer to your main computer (or insert a removable disk containing the modified files), Briefcase automatically updates files on your main computer to the modified versions. You do not need to move modified files out of Briefcase or delete the existing copies on your main computer.
Briefcase stores files and displays their status. For instance, it can show you whether a file is linked to the original file on your main computer, or whether it is a separate file. This information helps you keep files organized and prevents you from accidentally deleting or copying over the most recent version of a file.


When you are using Briefcase to copy files from your main computer to your portable computer, the two computers must be connected, either over a network or with a direct cable connection.


  •     To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.
  •        Click the folder in which you want to create the new Briefcase.
  •        On the File menu, point to New, and then click Briefcase.

  •        To create a Briefcase on your Desktop, right click anywhere on the desktop, click New, and then click Briefcase.

You can use the Windows Briefcase to help you organize and keep your documents up-to date between two Personal Computers.
There are four easy steps to work with Briefcase:
  •        Drag your important files in to the Briefcase.
  •        Take the Briefcase with you as you travel by keeping it on your laptop computer or dragging it onto a floppy disk.
  •        Make changes either to the files inside the Briefcase or to the original files.
  •        Click Update All on the Briefcase menu to bring you files up-to date

  •        Open Briefcase, and then click the file you want to check.
  •        On the File menu, click Properties.
  •        Click the Update Status tab.


  •        To find the copy of the file that is outside Briefcase (which is the counterpart to the copy that is stored in Briefcase), on the Update Status tab, click Find Original.
  •          If you want to view the status of the files that are stored in Briefcase and the status column does not appear in the right pane of the Briefcase window, on the View menu, click Details.


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