How to install XAMPP on Windows

XAMPP is an open source cross-platform web server. XAMPP stands for;
  • X – cross-platform operating systems (it can run on any OS  like Mac OS, Windows, Linux )
  • A – Apache.
  • M – MySQL
  • P – PHP
  • P – Perl 
STEP #1: Download the XAMPP installer at Now the .exe file gets downloaded
STEP #2: Click the downloaded file(.exe file) to install XAMPP on Windows
STEP #3: Select the language
STEP #4: Click on Next
STEP #5: Click Next again
STEP #6: If you would like to change the folder that xampp should reside, then change it and Click Next. Otherwise, Simply Click Next
STEP #7: Click Next
STEP #8: Click Next again
STEP #9: Now it will start installing. 
STEP #10: Click Finish
STEP #11: Now the Control Panel will be displayed.
STEP #12: Start Apache, Mysql.
STEP #13: Type “localhost/xampp” in the address bar. Select language.
STEP #14: Now, you can see the message “Congratulations:
You have successfully installed XAMPP on this system!

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